Highly recommended to anyone.”

I had my attic done 2 months ago after Custom Energy Design tested my home and found that it was 47% inefficient. Mostly from insulation, duct leaks, can lights not self sealed, etc. They measured before and after with their pressure tests. I was totally blown away the results. My last 2 electric bills have been cut in half. I have never wrote a review before mostly because I wasn't that impressed but this company deserves this. Brandon the Project Manager and his team were professional and explained every question I had. I will save 26K in the next 10 years. Thanks again guys, so happy that I'm not paying these outrageous bills like last year. Highly recommended to anyone.

— J.S.

“Thank you!”

Thank you for fixing all the problems Parker & Sons neglected to tell us were wrong; gaping holes from HVAC to exterior, no insulation in wall or roof. Your crew has been on time and respectful of our house, taking great precautions to protect our furnishings, closets, counters, etc. Our only mistake was hiring Parker and Sons for our initial inspection when we purchased our house a year ago. I would definitely recommend Custom Energy Design for any inspection or remediation.

— E.H.

The installers went out of their way to make sure we were happy and that all our questions were answered during the install process. Now that we have proper insulation, air seal and ducts sealed up our home is comfortable and we are saving a ton on our electric bill each month!

— T.A.


“Stand behind their work and give great customer service.”

I am giving CED a 5 star rating today but only after going through past disappointment. We had hired this company through SRPs energy audit promotion. After being sold an over inflated promise on energy savings from the insulation work they did for us, we were told that there was nothing the company could do when those savings did not happen.( We were also initially told that our out of pocket expense for the project would be zero because of the energy rebates and savings.) CED has since changed hands to new ownership who has stepped up to the plate to remedy  the problems that should have been  initially identified   ( not enough adequate returns, not enough insulation in parts of the attic and some duct problems). The new ownership inherited these problems from the past owners and did not have to follow up on them but they did with work well done.  A big thank you to Marshall, one of the new owners and his employee Brandon for going above and beyond negotiating a very fair settlement. You have proved that there are companies that stand behind their work and give great customer service.

— S.M.

“House is cooler and more comfortable.”

I had Custom Energy Design come and do my house July 8th.  I had a supply added to the laundry room in addition to a jumper duct for when the laundry/dryer is running and door is closed, original ducting run is the furthest run from A/C unit to output.  With the straight supply to the room, it helps keep that side of the house cooler including the neighboring kitchen, which previously when you would walk into it, there was a noticable 15 degree difference in temperature change.  There is still a difference in temperatures between kitchen and living room, but maybe 3-5 degrees now.  Insulation in attic is at R-60 now, up from ~R-20.  I can feel air output on each vent in my house coming out better since I did the duct sealing in the attic vents, airflow throughout the house is noticable right away after they have finished.  Following week after install, energy bill has been consistant and lower. Overall, if energy savings stay consistent from first week after install into the future, the amount paid will eventually come back to me in savings on energy bills.  Not to mention, overall temperature of house being cooler and more comfortable.

— A.M.


“Very happy with their work.”

Company was very helpful, and took the time to do the job right. I was very happy with their work and suggestions to help with my energy bills.

— L.I.

“I highly recommend them.”

The guys did a great job. The inspector took his time to explain everything that he was doing and was able to answer all my questions. I highly recommend them.

— M.R.