Improvements Expertly Installed

At Custom Energy Design we pride ourselves with the results we achieve for our customers. This includes exceeding the standards required to achieve rebates from the utility companies (APS or SRP). This includes doing things the right way, even if it means it takes longer, costs more, or is harder. This means going above and beyond expectations and doing the right thing for our customer - even if it costs us more than projected or results in a loss for our company. This means standing behind our products and services indefinitely. We are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you ever have a concern about any of the work we perform please call us. We are here to serve you.


Popular Improvements:

  • Ductwork Sealing
  • Insulation Installation
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Install Jumper Ducts
  • Install Return Vents
  • Install Supply Vents
  • Seal Air Leaks

How we are different from other Home Performance contractors 


Most of the Home Performance contractors will charge you to inspect your home, then offer you a menu of services to pick from. They then sub-contract the work they sell you to the lowest bidder. This is NOT our approach. With very few exceptions (ask us, we will explain) we perform all of the work in-house using our employees. We are license, bonded, and insured. And we stand behind all the work we do for you. Experience the difference--call Custom Energy Design today!




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